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Articulated Trucks

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Also known as Flexi or Bendi machines, pivot steer trucks have an articulated mast that makes them multifunctional. This eliminates double handling of loads as well as optimising storage space in the warehouse.

Pivot steer training is tailored to cover relevant applications from stacking full pallets in narrow aisles to working in yards, unloading lorries.

Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates  

Pivot Steer
P1 Rider electric and ICE pivot steer trucks
P2 Pedestrian electric pivot steer trucks

Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum Make Enquiry
Experienced 3 Days 3 Maximum Make Enquiry
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum Make Enquiry
Conversion 1 or 2 Days (dependent on truck type) 3 Maximum Make Enquiry

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