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A 'One Size Service' Does Not Fit All Operational Needs

27th June 2018

Mentor understand that an efficient and simple route to receiving training through a single provider can minimise stress and reduce time delays in the workplace. For those organisations with a high volume of staff, the reliance is on learning & development and compliance teams to ensure quality training to support the drive for productivity and safety. However, some organisations do not have the internal infrastructure to support this need. Therefore, there are some key things to consider before jumping into an agreement with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Understand Your Business

Only choose a provider that wants to know your business requirements and has a commitment to supplying you with goods and services directly; this will ensure the provider has an initial understanding of your business operation and has a reliance on your custom for their core business offering. In Mentor's experience, there are many MSPs that will offer a managed service solution without any knowledge of the business' needs or how to organise training to accommodate these.

Reducing Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Understand how your MSP plans to drive down the overall cost of training and be sure that your chosen MSP has the best interests of your business in mind. Reducing cost is vital but can have long-term effects on training for your business if not done carefully. Make sure that any cost cutting is realistic whilst also ensuring that quality is improved and training is delivered efficiently.

Seek References

We know that a 'One Size Fits All' approach is not relevant when it comes to workplace training and that knowledge and experience is key in an effective Managed Service Provider but what are the real benefits of outsourcing your training to one provider?

  • A reduction in annual training costs
  • One training team to contact, with a dedicated expert for your business
  • Assured quality training
  • Experience within all industry sectors
  • Set quality control measures

A good training service should be able to surplus these factors and provide you with a service that is tailored specifically to your business.

A Managed Training Service could be the answer to all your training requirements. Take advantage of our expertise; speak to us about training, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and how we are working with MP Futures to attract new talent into the industry. Call us to discuss how we could help deliver all your training needs on 01246 386900

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