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Bridge the Skills Gap in 2018

23rd August 2018

Bringing in a Younger Workforce

As the industry skills gap continues to increase, here at Mentor we understand more than anyone the importance of bringing new talent into the extractives and quarrying sector.

Back in early 2017, we were encouraged by our customers in the minerals extraction industry to support them with apprenticeships to increase the number of younger workers coming into the industry.

As a result of this, we are now working with lead specialist training organisations to find and create fresh ways to inspire a new generation of workers whilst subsequently lowering the average quarry worker age through tailored training and gaining site-specific skills that allow each learner to become an operative in their chosen field of interest.

If you are an employer with a pay bill of over £3 million each year, you will have been paying your monthly levy into your digital apprenticeship account since 6 April 2017 so why not put your costs to a practical use?  

Offering 6 sector specific pathways to achieve the Level 2 Mineral Processing Mobile and Static Plant apprenticeship standard, we are supporting the needs of our customers by joining forces with the industry’s Standard Setting Organisation, MP Futures to develop apprenticeship programmes from employer demands.   

Increasing the Productivity of your Workforce

Apprenticeships allow businesses to grow their own workforce by addressing the demand for innovative skills to be brought into the business. Our apprenticeship programmes attract new learners into the sector whilst also being a practical and cost-saving way for developing the skills of the existing workforce and those aged over 25.

Not only does upskilling these existing operatives allow the company to put resources into current workers, it also increases the productivity and quality, largely due to the flexibility that apprenticeships can offer as all training will be delivered in accordance with the operational environment of the business.

It is essential in securing a sustainable future for the quarrying industry to address the current skills gap. Having apprenticeships in your arsenal as a structured rate to competence can attract new employees and inspire existing staff.  

We are still taking on apprenticeships for a 2018 start! Get in touch with us today to begin upskilling your workforce and growing your team.  

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