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Changes to EN 1004 PASMA Standard

2nd November 2021

If you or your workers use mobile access towers, you have a responsibility to provide equipment that is safe and reliable; the equipment must be certified to the design standard EN1004 -1.

This standard allows us to understand the dimensions, design loads, safety, and performance requirements that the mobile access towers should conform to. A revised version was generated
in November 2020 – EN 1004 - 1:2020 and this sat alongside the older version for the transition period; the transition period will end on 30th November 2021 and the original version will be withdrawn.

There are four main changes to the new standard:

  1. All towers in scope including those under 2.5m 
    Towers with the working platform below 2.5m will fall within the scope of EN 1004 for the
    first time.
  2. Improvements to Tower Safety
    The standard contains clarifications and additions that will make the new access towers safer. This includes shorter distance between platform levels, shorter distances from the ground to first platform, measures to castors and requirements for platforms to be secured at both ends. 

  3. Product Innovation
    New revision to give manufacturers more freedom to develop products that better meet
    user needs. 

  4. Instruction Manuals
    Tower instruction manuals will have their own special part in the EN 1004 standard that reflects the critical role they play in safety.

Standards aren’t applied retrospectively so there’s no need to get rid of any mobile access towers that are still in good working condition, if they comply with EN 1004:2004. You can still use them. However, do check to see if the manufacturer has released an updated copy of the instruction manual for the tower you are using, as it could change. Copies of manufacturers’ instruction manuals are also available on the PASMA website and app.

For more information, please visit the PASMA website where a full breakdown on EN 1004 -1:2020 can be found. Your complete guide to the EN 1004 revision 2020 - PASMA

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