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Is a One Stop Training Service Right for Me?

14th January 2021

At Mentor, we have always understood how a simple and efficient route to receiving all onsite training through a single provider can be beneficial in many ways, however, with the current pandemic ascending in the UK, we understand now more than ever how important proficiency and efficacy is as we see an increase in department/team merges, staff redundancies and a tightening of the company budget.

With many businesses lacking the internal infrastructure to support these large business changes such as dedicated training teams, the ‘one-stop training shop’ may seem like the correct answer to many questions, however, ensure you understand the key considerations to think about before signing on that dotted line…

  • How well does your provider know your industry?
    Many Managed Service Providers will be looking to help out during these critical times, however, do not just go with the first company you see. Does your provider understand how your industry works and the business operations? Certify the knowledge or your provider and put them to the test.

  • Do you have any case studies and references from the provider?
    Let the case-studies do the talking. Ensure you have some quality and in-depth references from your provider and ask yourself the question ‘Can this business meet my training needs?’. Before signing any agreements, find out how the company works and if their training methods will fit in with your business style and your employees.

  • Are you still receiving a high level of quality?
    Are you aware of how your provider will be driving down the costs of your overall training needs? Don’t let quality be compromised for a cost reduction. It is also crucial to find out if the business is operating in the same way now as they were pre-COVID; never sacrifice quality as this could be the difference between efficient machine use or multiple site accidents that could have been avoided through better training standards.

A Managed Training Service could be the answer to receiving your training delivery correctly and efficiently during these challenging times, but ensure you understand the internal conditions and limitations from your provider. Take advantage of our expertise and speak to us about training today – 01246 386900.

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