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Rail Safety Awareness update for Mentor

1st June 2017

Following the difficulty procuring training for trackside staff in the construction materials industry, an in-depth search was carried out by several industry leaders to find a suitable provider for rail safety awareness training in the UK. 

After Victa RailFreight were selected to conceptualise and develop a bespoke rail safety awareness course that covers this, Mentor Training Solutions were chosen to take the lead in implementing this course due to a profound reputation in training and a great deal of experience working with the extractives and construction industry. 

The dedicated training course has been designed by rail freight operations specialists Victa, and supported by the Mineral Products Association (MPA) and the Rail Freight Group (RFG), to address gaps in skills and training identified by some of the major organisations in the industry. 

Since the programme began in January 2017, there have been over 17 open course days executed by Mentor which have provided both interactive theory and practical elements that have been designed by rail freight to create rail safety awareness to staff within the industry. The course has been a huge success with the delegates and is scheduled to continue running throughout 2017 with open course dates available to book onto now. 

The course covers a range of topics that are specifically relevant to staff within the construction materials industry which includes the following: 

  • Personnel responsible for rail freight loading or discharge 
  • Managers and supervisors responsible for the safety of rail operations on site 
  • Contractors whose equipment or vehicles come within two metres of railhead employees, train loading equipment or trains 
  • Any other employees requiring an insight into railway safety 

Mentor are keen to provide the appropriate training within the rail industry and advise key safety practices that must be put in place to create a safe working environment. 

It is important that when working trackside, you are keeping your workforce and colleagues as safe as possible and minimising the risk of accidents; planning a safe trackside operation that enables staff to access the track is crucial for your worker's personal safety. 

It is also imperative that the workforce on site are checking risk controls on a regular basis and making sure all safety and management systems are being followed correctly. This includes keeping accident records up-to-date, carrying our risk assessments and keeping all audit links up-to-date.  

This system will minimise both short and long term risks that could effort the workforce or any members of public that may be effected by the work being carried out. 

For more information on the rail safety awareness training that Mentor conduct, please contact Tracy Colton at  

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